Coil Compactors

Benefits of using Coil Compactors:

Vale Coil Compactor

Compactor Specifications.

Light Duty Standard Duty Heavy Duty
Maximum Force 11 Tons 25 Tons 41 Tons
Approximate weight 9,000 lbs. 15,000 lbs. 25,000 lbs.
Coil Diameter 35-60" 35-60" 20.6
Opening 96" 96" 96"
Stroke 84" 84" 84"
Power unit H.P. 7.5 30 50
Height 84" 84" 84"
Length 240" 240" 240"

Optional features include: Self unloading bed, scale to determine coil weight and c hook bridges. Note that all sizes stated are 'standard' examples, the compactor will be sized in stroke and length to fit the customers needs.

Video of a Coil Compactor at work

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