Product Lines

B. W. Darrah has three main product lines.  These include

Cutting Tools for extreme applications

Cutting Tools

These tools are selected for their ability to stand up to extreme service and cut even the hardest wires.  These include hand cutters, pneumatic cutters and hydraulic cutting tools.

Transformer Accessories and Design Software

Transformer Accessories & Software

Our transformer accessories are produced by Weisser Spulenkörper and Adels-Contact, both located in Germany.  Design software is created by Rale Engineering of Switzerland.

ADELS contact offers a wide range of specialized terminal blocks for transformers.

WEISSER of Germany molds precision bobbins, potting boxes, toroidal mounting accessories and terminal strips used to mount ADELS terminals.

The worlds most powerful Transformer Design Software, used to design transformers and chokes/inductors from the smallest, extremely high frequency designs to large oil cooled distribution systems, is available from Rale Engineering.

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Pneumatic Cutting Tool
Pneumatic cutting tool
Ideal for cutting small diameter wires, hard or soft.

Weisser EI 192 Bobbin fits USA lamination
Big bobbin: Metric EI192 fits 2.5" USA laminations.