Pneumatic Cutting Tools

AHA-203 Pneumatic cutter

These Industrial Quality, High Performance Pneumatic Cutters are imported from Sweden and are built to stand up to rugged operating conditions.

In situations where hand cutting is not acceptable because either repetitive cutting, cutting hard wires or cutting heavy wires can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome or other worker complaints; the pneumatic cutter is your logical answer.

Four different sizes cover a wide range of applications and demonstration tools of the AHA-203 and the AHA-206 sizes are available for your evaluation.

Click here for more info on the AHA-203, AHA-204, AHA-205 & AHA-206 Pneumatic cutters.

Pneumatic cutter

As cutting is part science and part art we have found it is always better to do some test cuts before you invest in a pneumatic cutter.

If you have a specific application in mind we suggest that you send us a small sample of the material you want to cut and we will conduct tests here in our facilities.  If our pneumatic cutter will cut your material we will then be happy to send you one of our demonstration units for you to test in your own facilities.

In this way, you know the tool will do the job before you invest.


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