Transformer Products

If you need to build transformers to meet DIN and VDE standards as well as UL, IEC, EN, SEV or CSA, WEISSER, RALE and ADELS can prove to be valuable sources of products and technology.  Many WEISSER metric bobbins can use USA lamination sizes, RALE software can design to any and all standards and ADELS connectors conform to all standards.

Weisser Bobbins, Boxes and Accessories

Weisser bobbin

German engineering and attention to detail are the hallmarks of the metric bobbins, potting boxes, toroidal accessories and terminal rails offered by WEISSER.

All bobbins, boxes and accessories are available in a wide range of UL approved materials.  There are a vast variety of pins and terminals available for all bobbins.

Rale Transformer Design Software

Rale Design System

The Rale System offers four complete transformer design programs that are intended for use by design engineers.  The programs cover capability from the smallest extremely high frequency to large oil cooled distribution transformers.

Adels Connectors

Adels RKW-14 mini Connector

ADELS offers a wide range of transformer connectors with a snap-foot that allows quick attaching to either separate mounting rails or bobbins with molded in mounting rails.

Pneumatic Cutting Tool
Pneumatic cutting tool
Ideal for cutting your heavy, rectangular copper or aluminum winding materials.


Rale Design Service

New Service:
magnetic components designed without the need to lease the software.