Rale Transformer Design System


If you would like to look at a short software demonstration you can either down-load the file direct to your PC or you can request that we send you the demo on a CD. Just email us at info@bwdarrah.com and we will mail the CD to you anywhere in North America.

If you prefer to download the demo directly, you can save RaleDemo.zip to your local drive.  Unzip the file and run the program The_RALE_System_Demo.exe .  If you need more detailed instructions, please look at the bottom of this page for a step-by-step option.

The demonstration is limited to showing how a simple design is created using the Small Transformer Program (TKS) and demonstrates some of the features of the software.

Step-by-step instructions for downloading and running the demonstation

Click on RaleDemo.zip to download the file.  It is possible your browser or firewall will ask you if you are sure you want to do this.  Internet Explorer might have a yellow bar near the top of the screen where you need to tell it that it is OK to download.

A box will pop up asking if you want to Open or Save the file - select Save and then choose a location to save the file.  Remember where you have saved it!

The file is around 50MB, so it will take several minutes to download even if you have a fast connection.  If you are using a very slow internet connection, we suggest contacting us to send you a CD rather than attempting to download.

When the file is finished downloading, you may have the option to "Open Folder".  If you do, go ahead and select that and it will take you directly to a Windows Explorer window showing the folder where you saved the RaleDemo.zip file.  If you do not have an "Open Folder" option (different browsers can handle this in their own ways) use My Computer or Windows Explorer to view the folder where you saved the file.

Double-click on the RaleDemo.zip file.  The window will now show you the contents of the compressed file (a folder and 3 files) and there will be an option on the left to "Extract all files" - click on that. This will open Window's "wizard" that helps you to unzip a compressed file.  If you keep clicking on "Next" as you go through the wizard, it will create a subfolder called RaleDemo with the full, extracted files inside of it.

From that folder, you can run the demonstration by double-clicking on "The_RALE_System_Demo.exe"

Pneumatic Cutting Tool
Pneumatic cutting tool
Ideal for cutting your heavy, rectangular copper or aluminum winding materials.


Rale Design Service

New Service:
magnetic components designed without the need to lease the software.