Rale Transformer Design System

Training & Support

Rale also believes in strong customer support. Normally, the first step is for Rale to do one or two designs for you based on you parameters for you to evaluate.

Once you approve of the designs and determine that you would like to add the Rale System to the tools you use, Rale will work with you or your designers as many times as you want to assist with making designs to familiarize you with the software. We would arrange the series of training sessions. The training sessions would be by telephone between Rale and you. You would select time slots when you could devote 30 to 60 minutes to learning the software and Rale would phone you at those times. You and Rale would boot up the exact same programs on your respective computers and Rale will take you step-by-step through transformer designs. We have found that this is an extremely effective way to train a designer in using the Rale system. You could pick what designs are to be done during these sessions so you can dictate the direction of the training.

Your training and interaction with Rale does not stop. For as long as you are a User of the Rale system you can call on Rale for assistance in working with the programs or anything associated with the magnetic designs you are creating.

Pneumatic Cutting Tool
Pneumatic cutting tool
Ideal for cutting your heavy, rectangular copper or aluminum winding materials.


Rale Design Service

New Service:
magnetic components designed without the need to lease the software.