Weisser Terminal Rails

WEISSER Terminal Rails are molded from glass filled nylon and are used to affix snap-on terminal connectors to transformers.  The connectors clip onto the terminal rails to facilitate user installations.

These terminal rails are designed to mount on the transformer lamination stack and although the rails are configured for metric bobbins, the elongating the mounting holes make them easy to mount on most USA lamination sizes.

WEISSER also offers some bobbins with the Terminal Rails molded as an integral part of the bobbin.  These are the EI 60 – EI 150N MS Style (catalog pages 29), the EI 60 – EI 192 MS-UL (catalog pages 30, 31) and the UI 39 – UI 150 MS-UL (catalog page 115).


Weisser Terminal Rails

For detailed dimensions on the standard WEISSER Terminal Rails please refer to catalog page 192.


To review the WEISSER catalog please visit the WEISSER Website at www.weisser.de and click on "Products" and "Product Search"  For pricing details and/or samples please contact B. W. Darrah, Inc. at info@bwdarrah.com and give us the Art. Nr. from the WEISSER catalog.  If you need any help please call our office at 1-630-584-1900.

Limited copies of the hard copy catalog available on request from B. W. Darrah, Inc.

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