Weisser Bobbins

A wide variety of metric bobbins are available from WEISSER in a wide range of materials that conform to UL.  Many of the bobbins are engineered to meet DIN requirements and be in accordance with VDE.  Many of the WEISSER metric bobbins are sized so that they can be used with USA laminations.  All WEISSER bobbins are designed and built using German attention to detail that results in the highest quality product.

M Type

Weisser M Type Bobbin

Sizes ranging from M42 through M102 in various configurations can be found on WEISSER catalog pages 11 through 21.

EI Type

Weisser EI Type Bobbin

EI bobbins range in metric sizes from EI38 up to the EI192 which uses the USA 2.5" lamination (WEISSER catalog pages 25 through 81).  There are also a full range of low profile (WEISSER catalog pages 85 through 95) and an extensive range of elongated (WEISSER catalog pages 99 through 105) EI bobbins.

UI Type

Weisser UI Type Bobbin

UI bobbins range in metric sizes from UI30 up to the EI180 (WEISSER catalog pages 109 through 121).  There are also a range of low profile (WEISSER catalog pages 125 through 133) UI bobbins.

EE, EF, EV, ED Types

Weisser EE, EF, EV and ED Type Bobbins

Refer to WEISSER catalog pages 137 through 157 to inspect the sizes from EE12,6 through EE40.  Various pin configurations are available and all pins are insert-molded to insure stability and alignment.

ETD, EFD, EP, RM Types

Weisser ETD Type Bobbin

ETD 19 through ETD 59 refer to WEISSER catalog page 161-162.

 EFD 15 and EFD 25 refer to WEISSER catalog page 162.

EP 7 through EP 13 refer to WEISSER catalog page 163.

 RM 6 refer to WEISSER catalog page 163.


To review the WEISSER catalog please visit the WEISSER Website at www.weisser.de and click on "Products" and "Product Search"  For pricing details and/or samples please contact B. W. Darrah, Inc. at info@bwdarrah.com and give us the Art. Nr. from the WEISSER catalog.  If you need any help please call our office at 1-630-584-1900.

Limited number of hard copy catalogs available on request from B. W. Darrah, Inc.

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