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Adels connectors on a bobbin with built in rail.

ADELS connectors can be mounted on mounting rails that are affixed to the lamination stacks or they can be affixed direct to WEISSER Bobbins that are produced with an integral mounting rail.

The WEISSER bobbins with the Terminal Rails are the EI 60 – EI 150N MS Style, the EI 60 – EI 192 MS-UL and the UI 39 – UI 150 MS-UL.

You can find details on these bobbins in the WEISSER On-line Catalog.


For detailed specifications please visit the ADELS Web Site at

For quotations and samples please contact us at or phone us at 1-630-584-1900.


Pneumatic Cutting Tool
Pneumatic cutting tool
Ideal for cutting your heavy, rectangular copper or aluminum winding materials.


Rale Design Service

New Service:
magnetic components designed without the need to lease the software.