Wire & Rod Handling

Vale offers a range of products used to manipulate and package large accumulated coils of wire and rod and specialized hydraulic hand tools to either straighten or bend heavy wire and rod.

Rod Straighteners & Benders

Straightening the leading edge of coiled stock for cold heading or wire drawing is simplified with the Vale Rod Straighteners.  The same basic system can be used for bending rod and bar stock for special applications.


Orienting coils from vertical to horizontal or horizontal to vertical position is done safely and simple with Vale’s hydraulic operated positioners.

Coil Compactors

Vale’s manual banding hydraulic operated coil compactor uses a rugged design that is dependable and keeps operating when you need it the most.



Pneumatic Cutting Tool
Pneumatic cutting tool
Ideal for cutting small diameter wires, hard or soft.


World's Largest Upset Tester
VU5B Upset Tester