The Original Rough Touch® SCRUBS in-a-Bucket waterless hand cleaner towels.

Rough Touch SCRUBS® powerful yet safe cleaning agents work together with an adsorbent, non-scratching abrasive hand cleaning towel.  The result is hands that are clean and protected, with a pleasant fragrance ... and are residue free.

These shop size, durable towels quickly remove tough-to-clean substances including:

Lubricants Tar Sealants
Heavy Grease Oils Wax
Paint Adhesives Ink & Dye
Caulk Dirt Urethane
Epoxy and much more!

Put SCRUBS degreasing strength to work for you.  After cleaning your hands, use SCRUBS to degrease:

Tools Equipment Metal
Work Surfaces Painted Surfaces Composites
Plastics Vinyl Tool Boxes


Contains 72 10.5" x 12.25"
Pre-moistened, disposable,
deep-cleaning, multi-purpose towels.


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